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Why Us


The question to be asked is why you should choose Low Cost Homes as your site of choice when deciding to advertise or look for your home. The first thing that comes to mind is that we provide you simple efficiency.

If you are an advertiser, you want the most exposure for the least amount of money. However, you also want exposure to serious buyers who want to buy a home in an area where your home is located. We do both of these better and easier than any other site.  Our buyers are area specific. They are also specifically looking for a home, not passing through a site killing time or looking for clothes, jewelry or automobiles. We are also large enough to provide you great exposure with out being so large as to attract scammers from Russia, India or the UK. When it comes to price, you can not run the size of ad with pictures and flyers for less money with any print advertiser and we provide more focus than any other web based advertiser.

In short, we truly offer you the most for the least.

If you are a buyer, we offer you the largest choice of homes at a great value because of our combined approach of both site-built (those homes built on site) and manufactured homes. You also have a choice of buying from dealers, brokers or individuals. Giving you one place to look for the best values in the area in which you are looking.

To both buyers and sellers We respect your privacy by not asking for more information than we need. It is not our purpose to gain your information for profit. You may be paying for the ad but we are not selling your information.  You are only an email away from getting advice on most anything related to the housing industry; either general pro & con information or specific information to your need.  We are large enough to provide you with great exposure to the market place and small enough to care about you.

We hope that as you look through the rest of our site you can see we do provide a simple and efficient approach to your housing needs. Thanks for visiting Low Cost Homes

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